What We Do

Customer Specifications 
We dispatch experienced technicians to work directly with our customers for accurately capturing requirements regarding design specifications, design constraints, materials, and the various services that will meet our customer’s specific needs. Our customers appreciate our professionalism, attention to detail, and our desire to meet their needs.

With a high degree of integrity, we aim to quote jobs accurately and provide options for our customers to choose. We have a reputation for delivering on time. We stand behind our quotes and our scheduled delivery dates. Our customers are happy with the way we meet our commitments.

Design and Fabrication 
Our design and fabrication processes are state of the art. We work with all grades of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, caste iron, and other metals. We employ various quality assurance steps that yield the quality product that we promise to our customers. Our customers are pleased with the quality of our work and our commitment to on-time delivery.

Turnkey Processing 
Turnkey process is something that many of our customers require. We have delivery and installation specialist that enable our customers to plug and play the equipment that we fabricate. We provide this turnkey service for machinery we build, as well as, delivering and/or installing equipment that other vendors build. Our customers value our dedication to getting them up and running quickly. 

Repair Service 
Our customers often need repairs to existing equipment. Our experience in equipment repair and our quick response to service calls, makes us a valuable resource for keeping our customers up and running. Our customers appreciate our just-in-time service.

Maintenance Contracts 
Some of our customers require regular maintenance of the equipment we build, to ensure that our equipment continues to operate at peek performance. Our maintenance contracts give our customers the reassurance they need to remain competitive. Our customers are pleased to rely on us for keeping their machinery operational.

Our People make the difference at East Penn Welding. We don’t just employ a workforce, our employees have the skill and integrity to represent our brand. We build things that stand the test of time, and our reputation stands the test of time. At East Penn Welding, our customers experience the service satisfaction they deserve.